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Wichita Wills & Trusts Attorneys Help You Plan Your Legacy

Estate planning instruments record your intentions

At Bever Dye, LC, our estate planning attorneys offer services tailored to your individual needs. This includes testamentary documents, such as wills and trusts, which allow you to pass wealth on to your designated beneficiaries almost immediately. Wills and trusts are flexible instruments which we can draft to your specifications. For more than 80 years, our firm has helped Kansas clients plan bequests and structure assets to minimize their tax exposure. Our reputation for ethics and professionalism ensures personalized care and a deep commitment to helping you achieve your goals.

Drafting your will

It is essential for every person to have a last will and testament. Your will allows you to decide where your wealth goes, rather than having the state decide according to Kansas intestacy laws. Your will also helps your beneficiaries obtain their inheritance in a reasonable time, without the delay and expense of a hearing in the district court. Your will need not be complex, but to ensure that it is valid, you should consult an experienced estate planning attorney before attempting to execute a will on your own. If the court were to rule that your self-executed will is invalid, you would lose control over how your wealth passes and some of your intended beneficiaries could be omitted.

How a living trust can help with succession

A living trust is one that you create during your lifetime to hold your assets for your enjoyment, and then pass them to your beneficiaries after you die. There are many advantages of a living trust, which include:

  • Avoiding probate
  • Quicker asset distribution
  • Privacy
  • Reduced costs, such as attorney fees
  • Financial information consolidated in one place
  • Flexibility to meet grantor’s goals
  • Easier to amend than a will

Many individuals can benefit from multiple trusts to address their particular circumstances. Individuals in a second marriage may consider a QTIP trust to protect inheritances for their children from their first marriage. Grantors wishing to keep a beloved vacation home in the family can leave the property to an endowed trust rather than to an individual. Testators with large estates can use a combination of trusts to avoid triggering federal estate tax. There are numerous other reasons to employ a trust, and our estate planning attorneys can explain how these instruments can fit your circumstances.

Contact our estate planning attorneys in Wichita for advice on wills and trusts

Bever Dye, LC offers personalized estate planning instruments to meet your particular needs. If you have questions about wills or trusts, speak to an experienced and reputable attorney. Call us at 316-263-8294 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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