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Insurance Coverage Litigation

Reputable Wichita Lawyers Handle Insurance Coverage Litigation

Aggressive representation for policy holders seeking to enforce their rights

Bever Dye, LC represents policy holders, be they individuals or businesses, in disputes with their insurance companies over their own claims under the policy and third-party claims against them. Our firm has helped policy holders negotiate settlements and litigate insurance disputes in court. Insurance companies retain experienced defense counsel who are committed to protecting that company’s bottom line. To get satisfaction in your claim dispute, you should retain a reputable law firm with a track record of success in insurance cases. Our attorneys have enjoyed a high level of success in insurance litigation.

What is insurance coverage litigation?

Insurance coverage litigation is legal action a policy holder takes when its insurance company acts against the policy holder’s interests in violation of the policy provisions. Adverse actions include:

  • Denial of coverage — The insurer claims that the policy does not cover the policy holder for the claim, damage or injury suffered.
  • Low-ball offers — The insurer attempts to settle the claim for much less than the value of the losses, even though the policy limits allow for a fair settlement.
  • Breach of duty to defend against a third-party claim — The insurer refuses to pay for the defense of a lawsuit brought by a third party. Liability insurance policies require the insurer to defend the insured against lawsuits from third parties claiming injuries, even when coverage is in doubt and the policy ultimately does not apply.
  • Breach of duty to indemnify for a third-party claim — The insurer claims that the first party’s policy does not cover the third party’s losses.

In many cases, there can be a reasonable disagreement based on the language of the policy. Our attorneys are experienced in analysis and interpretation of insurance policies, and can make persuasive arguments for coverage based on the facts of your case. Our firm is also experienced in recovering costs, expenses and attorney fees against insurance companies for failing to pay claims for engaging in bad faith towards their policy holders.

Insurance litigation requires experience, knowledge and determination. Bever Dye, LC represents policy holders in a variety of insurance disputes, including first-party and third-party bad faith claims. If you feel your insurance company has neglected its duty toward you, call us at 316-263-8294 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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