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Breach of Contract

Wichita Attorneys Protecting Your Interests After a Breach of Contract

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As a business owner, you deal with contracts constantly. You sign contracts with employees, contractors, landlords, insurance companies and customers. If one of the parties to a contract fails to uphold their obligations, a breach has occurred. If your contract has been breached, you need to be represented by an attorney with extensive experience handling business disputes. For more than 75 years, Bever Dye, LC has been helping individuals and businesses resolve breach of contract cases. We provide high-quality and skilled representation to clients in Kansas and other jurisdictions.

What is required for a contract to be valid in Kansas?

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. In order for a contract to be breached, it has to be valid to begin with. An enforceable contract must meet the following requirements:

  • Consideration — All involved parties must promise or provide something of value to the other.
  • Offer and acceptance — One of the parties must clearly offer something, and the other party must unmistakably accept the offer.
  • Legal purpose — The agreement cannot force either party to knowingly break the law.
  • Capable parties — All parties must understand the contract and be of sound mind.
  • Mutual assent — The parties must understand that the contract is binding and must agree on its essential terms.

An experienced attorney at our firm can review your contract to ensure that it is valid and to determine whether it has been breached.

Representing you before and after breach

A breach occurs when one party fails to meet their end of the agreement. In such an instance, the wronged party may have the options of ending the agreement, suspending that party’s performance under the agreement, and bringing suit in court for damages or other relief.

When determining breach, courts typically will consider the following:

  • Was one party deprived of what was promised to them?
  • Can monetary compensation solve the problem that the breach caused?
  • How much of the contract was already fulfilled?
  • Can the breaching party fix the problem?
  • Did the breaching party act in bad faith?
  • What remedies are available for the breach?

Our business litigation lawyers understand the factors important to determining whether a contract has been breached and what remedies are available. They also routinely help clients assess options when one party threatens to breach or to not perform duties under a contract before an actual breach has taken place.

Get help from experienced Kansas breach of contract attorneys

When breach of contract is threatened or has already occurred, it is imperative that you get help from an attorney with the skill and experience to uphold your rights. Call Bever Dye, LC at 316-263-8294 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you. From our office in Wichita, we represent clients throughout Kansas and in other jurisdictions.

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